What You should Know before Buying an Air Purifier

An air purifier is essential to improving air quality in your home and alleviates dry air concerns, sinus headaches, coughing and sneezing. Forced air heating powers can significantly dry out the air especially during dry winter season. They are great in increasing the moisture in the air. The demand for purifier is growing because dry air causes many ailments such as dry skin, cracked lips, and itchy eyes. So if you want to reduce the risks of these hassles, here are the things you should know before buying a room humidifier.


Steam purifiers: These types of air purifier are also called vaporizers. They make use of heat in boiling the water into their tanks and release a stream of warm mist into the atmosphere. This is a useful option as it has the sheer capability to eradicate bacteria and other specs of dirt on airs.

The boiling capability of steam purifiers eliminated the build-up of molds or bacteria that may infect the water. This makes it an excellent choice for many homeowners who are very conscious about the quality of indoor air.

Vaporizers are also a great option to purify the air that you breathe in. Since it produces heat, vaporizers can make your room feel humid and make it more conducive for your family, especially during cold weather.

The bad news about vaporizers is that they are poses risks for the burn. That’s why this type of air purifier may be quite overwhelming for many homeowners out there. If you are interested in this kind of purifier, make sure that you are aware of all the important details regarding proper use as well as maintenance of this product.

Cool-mist: Some of this type does not heat water. Instead, the motor agitates it until it produces a cool mist. What’s the right thing about this kind? Since they do not produce heat, there are no risks for burns. Plus, because it releases cooler air, this type of room purifier can provide refreshment during warmer days. For this reason, cool mist types can be considered as healthy alternatives to vaporizers.

However, the downside of this type of air purifier is that there is a higher potential for bacteria growth. This is because fresh –mist type does not produce heat. Meaning to say, it is a matter of personal priority whether you prefer safety or efficiency in dealing with bacterial growth.

That’s why it is very important that you should follow all the directions in the manuals for maintaining the item and maximize its functionality. If you fail to follow the guidelines, you may release the bacteria in the air which might cause additional problem to your family. People who have asthma and other breathing problems should consider the manufacturer’s instructions before buying this air purifier. Not only that, it is also necessary to make your homework from experts and reliable sources. This will spare you from any possible irreversible regression in the long run.

Since you are dealing with bacteria dilemma with this type of cool-mist purifier, you don’t have to leave the water with the item before planning to get one.

It is recommended to use distilled water. Tap water is not necessarily a mistake, but distilled water possesses tiny but highly potential harmful elements that can be emitted to the air using this type.

Tips for buying:

Choose an air purifier that exceeds the area you have to cover. Small purifiers are ideal for producing air moisture, but if you are planning to use for intended for a larger area, you will not attain the 30-40 percent humidity level that you are seeking for. Request for items that have easy maintenance requirement. Most importantly, make sure that the instruction when it comes to usage and maintenance is comprehensive enough. Or else, it might just cause your headaches later on.

If you want to safeguard your family against the skin and breathing problems, you have to be altruistic in seeking for air purifier in the marketplace. Do not be overwhelmed with the numerous brands because at the end of the day; the best will still stand out. By following the guidelines above, you are one step ahead of getting the right one.

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