Reasons to Avoid the Ozone Air Purifiers

Ozone is considered as a toxic gas. In 2009, the production of ozone air purifiers was banned in the state of California. However, the systems of air filtration that emit ozone are manufactured continuously. Given that ozone is a toxic gas, many are still using this kind of air purifier. Here are the reasons why you should avoid ozone air purifiers:

  • Not Very Effective in Eliminating Air Pollutants

If you’re looking for an air purifier to enhance the quality of your indoor air, then you must get a kind of technology that can effectively remove airborne particles, gasses, and odors that can trigger asthma and allergy. Or perhaps, you want to provide your family all the advantages towards a much healthier life. And for these reasons, you should avoid the ozone-emitting air purifiers.

Many studies have already proved that ozone is not effective in eliminating many airborne chemicals like formaldehyde and also produces unhealthy reactions between the ozone itself and chemicals/particles that they’re trying to reduce. So it adds more danger than clearing the problem.

Ozone doesn’t remove he common triggers of asthma and allergies such as dust mites, household dust, mildew spores and mold, and smoke. Even when it comes with an ionizer, it is still less efficient as compared to the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arresting) technology.

  • Can Damage Your Lungs

Chemical reactions of ozone are non-specific on where it can occur. It can react to the inside body’s organic substance that can produce harmful by-products that can worsen your current respiratory problems. It can also decrease the ability of your lungs to function, can irritate the soft tissues of your lungs, and reduce his ability of your body to fight off infection and disease.

  • Damaging to Pets and Children

If you think that you can handle its risks, think twice and consider your pets and children. The respiratory system of children are very fragile and aren’t able to handle such kind of treat. Prolonged exposure to ozone and the by-products it produces can significantly damage their system. Moreover, your pet will also be in harm because they are the ones staying most inside the house.

Even birds are at risks because they have a more sensitive respiratory system that humans. Ozone can’t only damage their system, but can also lead to death. Remember that children don’t usually articulate how they are feeling, what more on your pets.

  • Physical Discomfort

All of us don’t want to experience pain, but using an air ozone purifier can give you different kinds of illnesses such as chest pain, breathing difficulties, discomfort while exercising, coughing sore throat, and increased discomfort. For people with already existing conditions on respiratory problems when being exposed to this gas for an extended period.

  • Damages the Environment

Ozone is considered very harmful whether emitted outside or inside our homes. Ozone is smog’s primary component, and when mixed with sunlight, it sends many harmful gasses in the air.

These types of gasses can destroy the atmosphere’s upper layer that protects us from UV rays. Too much exposure from UV can already damage plants, human eyes, skin and immune systems. The best way to protect earth is to use non-emitting ozone products.

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