Cleaning Your Air Purifier

Cleaning the air in your home or office is the best response to avoid particular air-related problems. That’s why the use of air purifier is becoming more and more popular. Since air purifiers are created for the purpose of cleaning the air, it is important that you have this appliance in your premise. Purified air, however, cannot be 100% clean if your air purifier has accumulated dirt in its internal parts. This is why it is highly important that you always maintain the total freshness of your appliance for you to ensure that it functions at its best.

Once cleaning an air purifier, following instructions must substantially be considered. There would be manual on how you are to clean the air purifier provided by the manufacturer. But there could as well be other sources of instructions once cleaning the air purifier. Presented below would be the core steps on how you are to clean your air purifier at home:

  • Look for the filter of the air purifier. In most cases, filters are located under and also toward the back of the air cleaner. Take note whether where the device came from and the direction it was placed into the air filter.
  • Pull out the filter carefully. Put the disposable filters inside a plastic bag and then take them into a store for the purpose of comparison and so you could find the same replacement filter. Once it is considered as a reusable filter, clean it with mild soap and warm water gently. Rinse it thoroughly up until the suds are all out from the filter. Try shaking the filter to remove excess water. Once finished, set the screen aside.
  • As much as possible, you must disassemble the air purifier but make sure that you make a track of the things you are doing for it might not be hard for you to bring the parts back together. Taking notes could be considered for an easier way of assembling later.
  • With the use of damp cloth being wet into warm water, wipe down throughout the air purifier as well as its parts. Just wipe all of the grooves properly.
  • All the parts of the air purifier could be put on a clean surface to dry it completely. This might take certain hours based on filter’s consistency.
  • And finally, reassemble the air purifier once the parts are dried already. It will now be considered as clean and well-functioning air purifier.

The guide provided above would be of great help regarding cleaning air purifier, therefore, providing fresh air as well. But remember that once you are to reassemble the air purifier, and then it doesn’t work you need to remove it again and let it dry for a longer period. You could as well utilize blow dryer set on its low heat to make the filter dry.

Planning to clean your air purifier next day-off? Be guided by this information and do your task easy.

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