Clean Air for All Homes is Possible with the Best Air Purifier

If you think the air inside your house is clean from the pollution outdoors, you better think again. Even your indoor air is susceptible from the dirt, bacteria, and germs and this is the reason why you need to get the best air purifier that can help in cleaning the air that you breathe inside your home. Air purifiers have the ability to remove the microscopic particles from the indoor air. Thanks to modern technology, the device can quickly capture animal dander, pollen particles, and bacteria.

How It Works


Air purifiers feature a device called the electrostatic precipitator that can eliminate the contaminant particles through charging the pollutants once they circulate through the system. After the particles are blown through the purifier, the plate or filter of the system is going to capture them and prevent them from entering the indoor air again.

Diverse Types of Air Purifiers

The manufacturers of purifiers provide room and total house system units. With all room purifiers, the expert installer will be the one to attach the unit to the air conditioning and furnace ductwork of the home. The moment the connection of the unit has been completed, the purifier is going to clean the air in all the rooms of the house. These all home units are the priciest option, and the consumers need to be careful in planning their finances when choosing this kind of group.

For those who are on a tight budget for their purifier, they can always go for the most portable unit that can be easily placed into their desired location or room. The mobile units have a weight of 10 to 20 pounds and include rollers and handles for an easy and hassle free relocation. If you are looking for a room air purifier, you can put the device on the designated table or floor space in your home.

The room purifiers come with a filter that captures contaminants that need to be replaced now and then. You can choose a system that has a HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. With this HEPA filter, you can expect to get a unit that is going to trap the minuscule air particles. When you bring home your purifier with HEPA filter, make sure that you replace this device every year, and you also need to budget the other cost that will be associated with getting one.

Some of the modern purifiers come with a washable HEPA filter that is also environmentally friendly, not to mention that this product is also more cost effective. During the process of cleaning the filter, you can rinse the device using water, or you can also vacuum the unit. Once you have cleaned the filter, you should allow the device to dry before you place it back to the purifier.

As much as possible, you have to stay away from the ozone producing purifiers since these tend to release a chemical which is not good for the atmosphere of the earth. The Ozone can also aggravate the breathing issues for the members of your family. The chemical can be particularly dangerous for both the elderly and small children.

Tips for Buying Your Air Purifier

Before buying your purifier unit, first, you need to assess your home and choose the perfect location for the premises. Also, see to it that you measure the width and length of the room so that you can find the right system size. Check your ceiling’s height because vaulted or too high ceilings might need more air purifying power. If your house has an open ground system, you force need two purifiers with the each one placed on every end of your house.

You also have to know that you will have additional energy expenses when you have an air purifier as the device is going to run continuously. The power levels and size of the instrument are also going to determine the energy use of the appliance. When you are shopping for your purifier, check the power standards of the unit that can list the amps and volts or watts. In case the purifier label states amps and volts, you can calculate the watts by multiplying the two forms of energy.

Once the air purifier has been set on the quiet setting, the device must be about 50 watts while the high setting might use about 200 watts. You can compare watt levels to the table lamp that makes use of around 60 watts. The home computer makes use of about 365 watts.

Filter Options

Most of the air purifiers come with the replaceable air filters that can offer different benefits. For instance, you can get rid of all dirty particles that are collected by this filter. Also, they come with the device that can capture the minuscule particles. But, you have to plan to replace the air filters of the unit after every three months of using them.

Most of the purifiers also have the washable air filters that are a great money saving option as the device is not going to require you to buy a replacement now and then. You can also enhance the purifying abilities of your unit through adding the HEPA filter to the system. When you include this kind of filter, you can expect the device to capture about 99.97% of the indoor air particles. The HEPA filters are very famous because of their ability in trapping contaminants that can also capture the particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns.

The inclusion of the carbon filter is also going to add one more protective layer to your purifier. The carbon filters can offer a significant odor elimination since the device makes use of the chemical reaction for trapping the particles that are brought about by cooking, pets and tobacco smoke. The carbon filter can also trap the smaller particles better than the traditional screens.

If germs are a big issue in your home, an antibacterial or germicidal filter can rid of all the virus contaminants. The screen producers add the germ-protecting layer to air filters that can stop the virus and bacteria particles from circulating. When you buy a UV purifier, the device will need replacement bulbs. If the purifier has bulbs, the unit can prevent the airborne germs from circulating in your room.

You can also choose to buy the pre-filter that can trap bigger particles that are caused by dust and pet dander. With this pre-filter, you also get to have an odor-eliminating device.

Features of Air Purifiers

You can improve your unit while ensuring that it will still purify the indoor air based on your personal preferences.

  • Energy Use – It is important that you assess the use of energy of every unit to identify the perfect device for your home. For you to find the most energy efficient system, try to compare the volts and amps of every purifier.
  • Fan Settings – Majority of the air purifiers come with several settings for noise and comfort levels.
  • Sound Levels – In many cases, a better sleep at night will only happen with the addition of white noise. Purifiers emit a soothing sound that can aid the sleepers.
  • Oscillation – IF you choose an oscillating purifier, it will offer more air circulation.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

When you add a purifier to your home, the device is going to start getting rid of the particles which can cause symptoms of allergy like pet dander, dust mites, and plant pollen. The truth is the device can also trap particles that measure 0.1 microns. Most of the time, the purifiers can efficiently get rid of the particles at a rate of 99.99%.

The perfect room where you can put your air purifier is the bedroom since this is where you will be spending more of your time. The air purifying unit can provide cleaner air while you sleep and if you go for a portable unit, you can have it relocated from one room to another.

The Bottom Line

The air purifier systems can offer a lot of excellent benefits to every home, including a cleaner smelling air, reduction of the allergy symptoms as well as improved quality of indoor air. When you decide to add a purifier to your home, you can be sure that you can improve you and your family’s health while also reducing the debris and dust in your home.
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