Air Purifiers vs. Air Conditioning Units

There are many different reasons why people vary in their choices. When talking about breathing quality air, which is a better choice, an air purifier or an air conditioning unit? Why spend your hard-earned money for an air purifier when you can just have a typical cooling appliance? Find the answers as you read the following comparison.


Air Purifiers

The primary role of an air purifier is to clean (purify) the air within a particular premise. This is one of the most incredible features of this machine. The moment you turn an air purifier on, it will suck the air that circulates a particular area. The air passes through the machine’s vessels towards air purification chambers. This device eliminates the presence of dust, air particulates, pet dander, and many other irritants that anyone in the home may breathe in. Some highly advanced air purifiers even have HEPA filters. Therefore, you are sure that the air that you and your family inhale is clean and safe for your health.

Air conditioning unit

Air conditioning units function as the cooler of a home or office area. As an air purifier, such an appliance also sucks the warm air in an enclosed environment and then replaces it with a cooler air temperature. However, the big difference is that air conditioning systems can only cool the temperature of the air so that the area becomes more relaxed. It has no capability to clean the air you breathe in. Of course, even if lower temperature levels get you rid of sweating, it is still best to consider your respiratory health. This is one of the reasons why air purifiers are better than air conditioning units.


Air Purifiers:

Air purifying has been proven to be relatively cheaper than air conditioning. In general, most air purifiers consume a similar amount of energy regardless of some airborne particles present in your home. This is why air manufacturers do not have to produce motors that consume massive amounts of electricity. This, in turn, results in a significantly cheaper air cleaning appliance as compared to air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Unit

Every home temperature is more likely to vary. Some areas are significantly warmer than any other places. What does that mean? This only means that there is a need to install a high-powered air conditioning unit for an area with higher temperature level. Of course, this will come at higher prices as well. In case, you would want to know, cooling down a significantly hotter room the greater amount of electricity for the motor to generate. To suit the demand, manufacturers will have to come up with powerful engine capabilities. This makes the prices of air conditioning units higher than most air purifiers.

Your choice still depends on your needs. Given this information, you are more confident with your purchase decisions. With the fact that air purifiers are better than air conditioning units in many ways, you better spend your hard-earned money for such an appliance.

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