Best Air Purifiers Reviews

Best Air Purifiers keep the family safe from allergens, dust, toxins and polluted indoor air the use of air purifier could be of great help. An air purifier or also known as air cleaner could do an extraordinary job regarding cleaning up the air at home. You just need to buy the best one in order not to have any air problems at all. From among the numbers of options offered in the market today, it would be hard to choose which one is the best. If you will be equipped with the different types of air purifiers, then it would be easier to decide which one to purchase.

Our home would be requiring the use of air purifier regarding dealing with dust or smoke. From among the numbers of air purifiers that are designed for different purposes choosing the best one is of great importance. Here are the most common types of air purifier suitable for home use:

  • HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Accumulation – these filters are considered to be highly efficient and are designed to remove those radioactive particles coming from the air. Nowadays, these types of filters are deemed to be portable, and room-sized air purifiers. It could be made of finely woven particles of glass and can remove particles present in the air.
  • ULPA or Ultra Low Penetrating Airt – these are developed for hospitals and manufacturing clean rooms like those that are being employed in a semiconductor industry. But they are now available as home air purifiers.
  • HEPA-type Filters – made for forced-air systems and self-contained units but these have not met the high standards of the real HEPA yet effective as well. Before you buy this one, make sure that you are equipped with ideas about its abilities and performance.
  • Electret or Electrostatic Air Filters – these types utilize synthetic fibers which create the static charge to attract certain particles. These could come as pleated or plain, reusable or disposable. Reusable ones must be replaced periodically, and disposable models would be quarterly. These have the ability to remove microscopic particles. These are being sold as kits wherein the frame would be permanent, but the filter pad must be replaced within every couple of years.
  • Negative-Ion Generator or Ionizer Purifier – these utilize tiny charged needles or wires in creating ions which latch into the airborne particles. Some kinds of these purifiers have fan into the unit for the purpose of improving distribution and cleaning of the air.
  • Electrostatic Precipitating Air Cleaner – particles are drawn in from the fan and so charge them together with series of wires in high voltage. There would be precipitating cell or a series of plates which will carry the opposite electrical charge attracting those particles that are passing.

With the ideas provided about the types of air purifiers, consumers could make an easier decision knowing that they are equipped with which one could be the best based on their needs and demands. Once choosing for the best air purifier for home use, consider the convenience and safety as the most important factors.